EYSO Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra
Elgin, Illinois 60121-6508

Fundraising for the EYSO

Tuition covers only about 35% of the EYSO operating expenses and, as a nonprofit corporation, we depend on select fundraising projects to help with our budget. Some projects benefit the EYSO as a total organization; most projects also provide funds for students' individual accounts. These individual student accounts can be used to "bank" funds for tours and other financial needs, including future tuition.


Each member is allowed to maintain an account with funds that he/she raises during some EYSO fundraising events. These monies are to be used to offset the cost of any EYSO trip or future EYSO tuition during his/her tenure with EYSO. The monies in this fund are the property of EYSO. In the event that the youth leaves EYSO for any reason prior to the depletion of the funds, the funds from the account shall be placed in the operating fund of the EYSO or may be transferred to a sibling in the EYSO within 12 months.


EYSO member fundraising projects serve three goals:

  1. To raise funds to keep tuition as low as possible.
  2. To help each member build awareness in their own community about their EYSO participation, a positive and enriching activity.
  3. To help each member build lifelong skills in volunteerism and charitable giving.

Please contribute generously to the fundraising effort.


EYSO is a 501(c)3 organization registered as a not-for-profit corporation with the State of Illinois.




Manna Gift Card

Purchase gift cards and certificates from restaurants, grocery stores, home improvement centers, retailers, service providers at face value through EYSO and a percentage (varies by vendor) is returned to the EYSO.


Manna Order Form


Advertising with the EYSO


How many people attend the concerts and will see my ad?

Each EYSO concert day there are three separate concerts that are attended by more than 1200 people from all over the Fox Valley and Chicagoland area.


Are there other benefits?

Yes! A percentage of the profit from your ad will directly benefit the EYSO musician you specify on the ad contract. These funds offset future tuition and other program costs. In addition, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your advertising dollars are supporting a program known for exemplary concert performances as well as its rich educational programs.


How do I place my ad or list my business?

Download and complete a simple contract which allows you to choose from the various ad sizes and price ranges. Simply choose your ad size and write a check to EYSO in the amount specified by your ad size choice. Remember, if you cannot afford an ad right now, a donation of $50 will list your business name as an EYSO supporter.


In what format should the ads be submitted?

High resolution PDF preferred; jpg also acceptable. There is a $35 charge to create a digital image. Note: Scanned images should be at 300dpi or greater. High quality printed artwork should be at 600dpi or greater. Email file to: office@eyso.org.