EYSO Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra
Elgin, Illinois 60121-6508

EYSO Alumni Information

We love to hear from alumni. Please help us stay in touch with you by filling out the EYSO Alumni Contact Form or connect with us on EYSO Facebook, EYSO Alumni Facebook or Twitter . In addition to keeping our contact listing accurate, you can also choose to receive special emails once in a while from the EYSO to help keep you informed.

  • Are you an EYSO/EAYO alum?
  • Do you know an alum?
  • Do you have old photographs of the orchestra or its members?
  • Do you have programs from past years?
  • Have a personal story you would like to share?
  • Want to promote an event or news to other EYSO alumni?

Drop us an email alumni@eyso.org

We are missing several printed concert programs in the EYSO archives and hope to find alumni who would consider donating a copy (or are willing to let us make a photocopy for our records)!


Here is a list of the programs we need:


Concert Date Concert Name Misc Notes Season
5/15/1976 First Concert ECC College Lounge 1976
11/5/1978     1978-1979
3/15/1979     1978-1979
Fall 1979 Fall Concert   1979-1980
Fall 1981 Fall Concert   1981-1982
Spring 1986 Spring Concert - 10th Anniversary Concert   1985-1986
Fall 1986     1986-1987
Spring 1987     1986-1987
Spring 1996 Spring Concert - 20th Anniversary Concert   1995-1996
4/12/2003 Brass Choir with Illinois Brass Band   2002-2003